The A Team!

While Anna was riding Asterix 694, Bob Wagner began calling Anna and Asterix the A Team! We loved it and continue to call the gang by it. Here is a short run down of the A Team!

Asterix 694 - The big guy that started it all.

This stunning stallion owned by Sandy Wagner taught Anna volumes about dressage. His kindness and willingness will never be forgotten. When you took him to a show he performed 200%. Asterix stood at Flyinge, the Swedish national stud, for 15 years. Trained by Kyra Kirkland to Grand Prix and mentioned in one of her books, words cannot do this stallion justice. He is the sire for most of the A Team and Anna hopes to ride his "kids" in his hoof prints.

Otopia - We will let him on the team despite his lack of an A, he IS quite Amazing.

Otto is a bay selle francais who is currently schooling fourth level. A sensitive type, he is the constant gentleman, stunning to watch and a pure pleasure to ride. He will help Anna achieve the scores she needs in the show ring to begin the process of becoming a USDF judge. If you are lucky enough, he is even used in the lesson program for those who have developed a quiet set of aids.


A three year old out of Asterix and Snow. Anna will always remember arriving hours after his birth to see this gangly guy stretched out in the stall. She saw the big white stripe down his face and with fingers crossed lifted his nose to see if it carried down into his muzzle. It did! With tears in her eyes, she promised him that he would belong to her one day and that they would do their best to be just like dad. Through the generosity of Sandy Wagner, this dream is coming true.

Anna has broken Allax practically all on her own, with only a handful of days having a helper on the ground, and Allax has been an absolute gentleman. Training your own horses is beyond rewarding; you know you were not handed anything - you earned it. Preparing for his first show this spring, we have high hopes for the gangly youngster who’s turning into a classically handsome devil.


The first foal that Anna bred. Astor was born on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day 2011 (a special treat for an Irish girl). From Asterix 694 and Snow, an Oldenburg mare (who's also Allax's mom).

Anna and her friend, Jessica Shelbourne, stopped by for the first night check and Snow was standing at the door waiting for us. It was as if she asked, "Where have you girls been, I have been waiting for you to do this!"

Her water immediately broke and within minutes we saw the white head poking out. Seeing it slip back in was all the prompting Anna needed to put her gloves on and help pull the massive filly out. Everything that Anna wanted - a filly! huge white face! and white legs that push up over hocks and towards knees!

Never scared of anything, Astor has been an absolute pleasure. Nearly a year old now, she has already been sat on by Anna's two year old nephew and more recently by Anna's boyfriend Ed. She is an old soul. Look for her accompanying the A Team to shows soon.

ASTOR IS FOR SALE, two year old pic below

Bulletproof - aka Gunner  FOR SALE

Three year old Canadian Warmblood  PMU gelding. Flashy mover with a quiet gentle disposition. Gunner went to his first horse show and came home with a 71% at Intro Level in the Open division.