The A Team's Lesson Ponies

The heart and soul of the operation are our wonderful lesson ponies. We are blessed to have found these gentle souls.


This wonderful mare has joined the team. A 15 hand Morgan Rhapsody does third level dressage. She is patient, kind, and willing to teach anyone. Her lateral movements are very easy, so practicing leg yield, haunches in / out, shoulder in and half pass are all do- able. She is a dream horse!

Kouklamoo - Greek for my little doll, and she is.

This true black Welsh/Morgan cross is in her 20's, and about 14.2. Anna has met people in Ocala who rode Kookie when she was younger, how fun. She is a veteran A circuit show pony. She is the PERFECT pony. From carrying a small child to teaching adults how to fine tune their aids, she is part of the team. She has a forever home at MoonRaker. Kookie is available for on-farm leases.


Kookie’s best friend. We are thrilled to get this fellow back on the farm. We have used him in the program before, but he recently returned to MoonRaker and we will do our best to keep him here forever. A feisty paint, he is close to 25 and you would never know it. Lakota or Foxy, as Anna calls him, loves to go and is more forward than Kookie. He has the smoothest canter and is king of trail riding. He had been a true working cow horse from a ranch out west, so if you are riding him you are responsible for opening and closing all gates :). And you will have to convince him not to round up the cows on the property behind us. Lakota is available for on-farm leases.

Both of these ponies are ridden in hackamores (bit less bridles) so as not to upset their precious mouths as we practice our balance.

Summer & Bunny
 They are miniature horses that ride and drive. They came with their own custom cart. Anna and Ed are having a blast learning more about driving and these two ponies have captured our hearts. More like giant dogs, they gallop up when called and unlike some ponies we know (Tia!) they are beyond safe and sound. The bay is called Bunny, and the buckskin Summer Frost. Below are pics of them with Sara Taylor's daughters, Hailey (5) and Chloe (4),