March 2013
Whew - how time flies! We have a new lesson horse, Rhapsody is 16  a year old Morgan mare that is very kind and easy to ride. She does third level work, but is quiet enough for those just starting dressage. She is a patient teacher that can show you real dressage.  
Sara Taylor took Rhapsody to the February Stride Show, she came home with two blue ribbons for Intro B & C. Abby Zavaski brought our 26 year old pony Lakota to the show to practice with him in a show setting. He was very calm and quiet and we are hoping that this summer Abby can enter him a real class. From cow pony to dressage king - who knew!
Otto and Spirit are back on track, as is Anna. The time off from having Finn was necessary but Anna is thrilled to back in the saddle and progressing with the training again. Most exciting is getting Allax going. It's not easy to climb on top of a young giant - GIANT moose of a horse,  after not riding for months, but is a challenge and a thrill that is very rewarding. Will post video soon.
The CF Dressage Team has been doing absolutely super! These girls are working hard, helping each other, and improving all the time. They have a final show of the season at UF, and then hopefully will be moving on to NATIONALS as a team! Way to go girls.
We have many riders here that are accomplishing goals each time they ride. From learning to be "on the bit" to cantering a 20 meter circle, it might seem like a small step to some but each step is important in getting to where you need to be or want to be.   Pics of the babies - Allax and Finn

Sara with Rhapsody


We have had a busy summer at Moonraker. Between horses and getting ready for Finn the time has flown by. Thanks to everyone for making it out to the baby shower, we are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives, and we can't wait to share Finn with all of you. Sami Savage  took Otto to Canterberry for the July Sizzler and got two scores over 60% at fourth level. She is well on her way to earning her medal! We also want to thank Sami for all the riding she has done while Anna could not ride.
Moonraker has welcomed a ton of new students many of them CF bound freshman. We have hosted a few pony camps this summer and are excited about some of the young talent we saw.

Allison Loe received 7th place at Intercollegiate Dressage Association National competition. Her first time showing in front of two judges, she received a 66.7% and a 65.63% for Training Test 3. Representing Central Florida College she did a wonderful job.

May 6th, 2012  Sara Taylor completed her first horse show. Getting a 64% Intro B and 65% Intro A on MoonRaker's Kouklamoo. Sara handled it like a professional, after leaving the house without her husband the morning of the show. Abby Zavaski did an excellent job as groom, camera woman, and Spanky minder.

Samantha Galindo on her off the track TB River Hawk had a knockout show at Stride on February 19th. Not only did the ring blow over during her test but she won Training 2 with a 63.214 and got a second in Training 3 with 68.4! Way to go Sam! As the only young rider in her division she rocked it. Sam did all the retraining on this horse herself, and we have been working with her for a year and half now. 

Otto and Anna won both his third level classes at Fannin Hill Farm Schooling Show held February 11th -12th. Video soon.

Allison Loe, a CF student who rides in the Intercollegiate Dressage Association is currently in the lead in her Training Level division and that means she will get to go to Nationals in New Jersey! Ally has worked hard all year and last year. She has been a dedicated student with Anna and we are VERY PROUD of her accomplishments. Here are some pics of Ally riding Sandy Wagner's PRE mare Dulce at a Stride show.