Lessons are given by Anna Toomey and focus on a balanced seat leading to dressage and safety. From beginners to advanced riders, Anna can help everyone. With a sharp eye for equitation and a firm belief in the lunge line, Anna will help you develop a strong seat that can carry you on to riding adventures. 

Riding lessons last either 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the class level. Ground work can be included as part of the lesson, although we try to maximize time mounted.  Riders above the leadline level are expected to learn how to tack and untack their mount. Plan on an extra 15 minutes before and after your lesson for these activities. Leadline riders should arrive 10 minutes prior to the lesson to get fitted with a helmet.

Our lessons also emphasize having fun on horseback. When the rider becomes secure, we play games and may go on short trail rides.
Lesson Schedule:
The Lesson Schedule and Payment Information is attached to these rules.

Lessons may be canceled without penalty with 24 hours notice by contacting Anna Toomey and rescheduling.
352 484 5013
You can leave a message if we are unavailable to take your call.
Lessons canceled with less than 24 hours will be subject to the lesson fee.
We ride outdoors year round weather permitting. Please come prepared to ride for the weather. It is recommended that you dress in layers in cooler weather. In the summer, apply sunscreen before riding and bring a full water bottle with you to the ring.
Lessons, or any portion of lessons, canceled due to inclement weather (i.e. thunderstorms, high winds) will be made up. We will make every effort to contact you in advance of inclement weather. If you have any concerns about the weather call 352 484 5013.  A non mounted lesson is also available. Anna has worked as professional groom and has much knowledge to share with you about horsemanship. Such lessons would include, proper grooming, wrapping, cleaning, health checks, and any other topic you need practice in.

Please shut front gate after entering and leaving the farm. Park in the grass facing the barn where the back of the stalls are.
Arrival Time:
Please arrive 10- 15 minutes before the start of your lesson, at least, if you know you need more time arrive accordingly.
Check with your instructor regarding your assigned horse. In most cases, you will be riding the same horse for lessons, but there may be times when that horse is unavailable.  We do not guarantee that a specific horse will always be available to a specific rider.
Please groom and tack up your horse prior to the start of your lesson.
Grooming tools are in the kits on the floor of the tack room. If you need help, please let your instructor know. Grooming and tacking up is an important part of horsemanship and all students are expected to learn how to do it by themselves. Students (except for leadline) are expected to have their horse groomed, tacked and in the ring at the start of their lesson.
Each horse has his/her own bridle which is tagged. Saddles should fit both the horse and rider, so consult your instructor about the appropriate saddle for you. Saddles are tagged. Consult with the instructor on the size girth to use. Remember that the same horse may take a different size girth depending on the saddle used.
In some cases, your horse may be in the ring doing an earlier lesson. Be sure your horse is offered a drink of water between lessons.
Your instructor will check the condition of your horse and your tack prior to the start of a lesson.
Lessons do start on time. If you are late, you will miss that portion of the lesson.
After your lesson

 You are responsible for cooling off, and untacking your horse. In hot weather a shower or bath is necessary. In the cooler months a good grooming, and blanketing is the horses aftercare. Returning the horse to the field or stable ask your instructor where the horse should go. All grooming routines are happily taught and explained, help us keep the horses looking ready to show by following all the steps.
You must rinse the bit off, and clean the bridle with soap & oil. Saddles can be wiped off, girths need to wiped or hosed clean.
Prices and Fees

One hour                                                $55.00

CFC student                                            $35.00

Anna to ride your horse                            $55.00

I will also travel to other farms to teach the base price is $55.00 and depending on distance mileage will be added.

On site leases                                              $300 per month
  You get to ride 3 days a week, you can choose to lease one horse, or use all of the lesson horses in your lease. Your ride days and times need to be planned a week ahead, as the horse will also have regular lessons with other students.

CF Students Only
 Lesson & Practice Ride package                          $200 per month
This package, paid up front, gets you one lesson per week and one practice ride on your own. It is a good way to get more riding time in and practice what you are learning. 

Horse Shows
  Coaching fee will change depending on the show, distance, and how many students attend. General base price is $50.00